"Dont ever doubt your beauty....
from God, or from man"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

11:00pm hotels

Today was a very interesting day . . . We left the conference and started heading down to Marathon FL to go sailing with my grandfather on his sailboat. About half way down (in Ft. Lauderdale) we called him and told him where we were and how far away we were. Well somehow there was a mis-communication? or something happened? and he didnt realize we were coming! haha. SO we stayed in Ft. Lauderdale for the night and went to Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale for wednesday night service and then drove around Lauderdale for an HOUR AND A HALF, looking for a hotel that was a million dollars a night. Finally we found this one, and let me tell you. My mother wasnt the happiest person alive that it was 11:00pm and just getting to a hotel, haha. Anyways it was quite a day, but one of the things I love the most about my family, is that no matter what, they always make the best out of whatever comes our way! :) 

Merritt Island Travels

SO. I tried my best to document the second day of the conference for you... yes i'm a little behind in posting... but I thought, instead of just rambling on i'd show you some of what has happened the last three days :) We had LOTS of great teaching, worship, and fellowship! 

Note taking . . .

Prayer . . . 

Relaxing . . . (i think this is the only picture of my on this family vacation. haha)

Delicious BBQ for lunch . . . yummm

We had AWESOME worship, lead by the AMAZING Evan Whickam!! 

and . . . Some GREAT teaching by many speakers, including Don Stewart

Monday, January 16, 2012

Worship, teaching, learning.

What a day. Today has been filled with worship, teaching, and learning. We are attending the Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference at Calvary Chapel Merritt Island Church. Its THREE full days of worship and teaching from some amazing pastors.

Today we were able to here teachings from Don McClure, Don Stewart and Jon Courson as well as a hello from Pastor Chuck Smith.

The day begun with wonderful worship with songs and then went into teaching from Don McClure on 1 Corinthians 15 - speaking about being steadfast, immovable! When you look up the word steadfast, some of the descriptions your given are "a marble statue" or "a wrestling position". A marble statue being immovable and a wrestling position being ready to receive a blow and it not affecting the wrestler.

Dont look at your problems and issues in your life and be discouraged. Look at your problems and think this is all the more reason to exist. Be immovable. Steadfast. Be a light to those people, issues and problems and bringing the Lord glory.
"I want to be poured out. I want to generate the most amount of power as I can"

After Don McClure, Don Stewart spoke a sermon entitled "Blessed are those eyes". Speaking about eschatology (topic of end times) and discussing the modern day israel and what the people thought during the first coming of the Lord and all the clear signs the Lord had given them that they were "blind to". - Matthew 13, Daniel 12:4

Finally, to end the night Jon Courson spoke on John 12:13-14 and asking/praying in Jesus Christ's name. He covered what it meant to ask in His name and praying in Jesus's name, which in turn glorifies the Lord. SUCH an amazing sermon with solid teaching backed up with scripture.

"and I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it for you." vr 14

Praying in Jesus's name also requires us to pray in harmony with Jesus's nature, conformity to Him and in congruent with what Jesus would pray.
Keeping in mind, that whatever you ask in his name will always be answered, BUT the answer might be different then what you envisioned it to be. It will be BETTER than what you dreamed. The "key" to seeing the answer for what you prayed for in Jesus's name is seeing it differently than what you expected or envisioned.
Finally ending with a fun quote: "Every name is odd. Every name is flawed. but not Gods!"

Ok, so I know my blog posts are not normally this wordy, but these were all very important things that happened today, and since I had no photos to tell my story, I had to tell you in words.
We ended the day with some wonderful worship music.
- End your day with some great music and words.

Desert Song by Brooke Fraser 

Rooftops by Jesus Culture

Beautiful by Phil Wickham

- hannah. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A day of rest . . .

Sunday. A day of rest, and probably one of my favorite days so far! 

It started off with a church service at Calvary Christian Center. The worship and teaching was awesome! Very refreshing and a good experience! Then we had lunch with some family friends at Applebee's and enjoyed our time visiting with them! 

THEN. (one of my favorite parts of our vacation so far) We went to the Southeast Museum of Photography where they had a Douglas Kirkland exhibit!! Such an amazing photographer and I LOVED it!! 

"I had imagined my life and then I lived it. My images tell the story of a dreamer with a camera in his hand. I have always seized the day. For me photography has always meant to imagine and interpret persons, sites, and events. I understand the world better with a camera." - Douglas Kirkland

Once we left the museum, we drove around Daytona for a little while, drove on the beach, got some coffee, and just had some good quality fam time together! :) So wonderful!

    We drove on the beach!!!! Totally wish we could do this at folly!!

Such a wonderful day that the Lord has blessed us with!

Bargain Shopping

Let me tell you. I love a good deal! I buy 90% of my clothing from consignment stores, on sale, and clearance. Saving money is fun to me! Thats why I love flea markets. You can find some of the neatest things for a great deal at flea markets, yard sales, etc. 

SO we had a casual morning with the Wallace's and then headed to the flea market. I didn't take very many photos of today, but i'll show you some of the fun trinkets we found. 

So this just made me laugh. Selling tombstones at a flea market???? Thats awful. 

LOVED this old phone. wanted to get it so bad! 

My beautiful sister.... and her nerdy old glasses.... :) 

She's going on a safari... :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jacksonville Journeys

Day two. Jacksonville city journeys.

We walked allll over today :) We first went to the zoo and saw all the animals, then headed over to MOSH, The Museum of Science and History. We held birds, saw the second longest snake in the world, brushed goats fur, learned about Jacksonville's history, took LOTS of pictures, and had fun! :) Here are some photos from our fun filled day!

Half of the fam . . .          . . . the other half we're taking the photos . . .     :)

This was a crazy looking little guy . . . he was almost flat

Bamboo is one of my FAVORITE plants ever that our God created :)

Yes. He got up there ALL by himself . . .
. . . well almost . . .  i might have helped a little :) . . .

Its blurry, but still fun! 

The series of the next bunch of photos were SO much fun!! These birds were climbing all over us!

Small town girl in a big city! So fun!!

This was the building croix was taking a photo of.
YES. We totally looked like tourists... haha

MOSH. Museum of Science and History.

. . . and for dinner, one of my favorites. Beans and rice. Cuban style!!!

Day two.
Happy, full, tired, and ready for bed! :)