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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduate Gift

          This weekend my baby sister graduates high school!! I know the entire day will be filled with smiles, tears, laughter and joy.... and I simply can not wait!
I decided to start a little project that I know she will need as she starts "college studying".
I'm always up for a creative project and this one was all the more special because it was for my sister! :) I found this awful looking desk at a consignment store and decided to repurpose it to match more her "style".

So the gold was just awful and so were the leaf knobs... but with a quick trip to lowes and a day and a half of painting the desk is finished and looks perfect in her room! 

I think it turned out well... and was very simple and easy as well! She hasnt seen it yet so shhh!! Dont say anything! She'll see it friday morning when she gets home! Can not wait!!!

- hannah

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  1. It LOOKS SO SO SO GOOD!!!! Great job Hannah! You are so sweet & thoughtful. I know she's gonna love it!!!